Ran out of medicines last night. Had one late this morning before emotions came crashing at me like tides during a tsunami. Slept through the day. Woke up in the evening and was as well behaved as a convent educated finishing school attendee. 11pm now, and its back. The mood swings, the anger, the hatred, the irritation, the love, the inability to accept the unfairness of life, the extremely uncontrollable need to flirt, promiscuity, the insatiable hunger for junk food… everything. Its all back.

Do I troll the net for unsuspecting victims? Do I cry myself into slumber? Do I dive into a pile of junk food and watch some crap till the wee hours in the morning? 

I just want it all to end. These phases, this irritation, this desperation, this sluttiness, this helplessness. I just want to feel normal. Whom do I talk to? Where do I go? What do I do?

Hell, fuck it all!


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