As fate would have it..

… Around midnight a friend pings. An ex’s friend. In about 15 mins I bring the conversation to revolve around topics I find interesting. The thrill is higher coz I know he is resisting. His friend, my ex (now married). He is abroad. It all feels wrong.

I made the noose, threw the lasso… all thats left is roping him in. He succumbs slowly. And I begin to lose interest. I fake enthusiasm. He peaks. I excuse myself after being politely sweet and loving enough for an Indian girl.

I log on to an anonymous profile on a dating site. Several guys ping. I pick the one who speaks the best english. Seems interesting. A lecturer he says, in psychology. I am hooked. The chat continues. Am getting interested. My heart starts racing… 

He asks me how I look? And if I am up for some fun.

I shut down and cry myself to sleep.

50gms of cheese balls. 2 guys. My virtual walk of shame!


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