Out of desperation..

Made a deal with the ex’s friend for a no strings attached, long distance relationship. More for the sake of companionship. But whats the fun in that right? Logged on to a new dating site. One with fewer weirdos and better filtering mechanism based on a giant questionnaire. 

Filling out the profile got me excited, responding to the several msgs I got kept me going. Excitement built up… Filtering continued. But slowly I started letting my guard down. From being completely anonymous, I started with sharing my name… then what I do… so on till I explained almost everything about me to 2 total strangers. God alone knows what stopped me from sharing my surname. Guess, my subconscious does try its best to look out for me.

Luckily for me, both the guys seemed to be sensible, level headed and non dangerous.

Well, tomorrow is a new day. Lets see what madness I set off onto.

PS: to try and redirect my promiscuity, I even started writing an erotica pros. It keeps me preoccupied for a brief period of time but honestly how enthralling can that really be, right!

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