Time to change…

A new year… A new month… A new day… A new moment…

An awesome time for a new start!

How many times have I said this to myself? …To friends… to the whole world?

Well, now is the time for actual change!

The last few months passed in a blur of activity! Shifting base, illness at home, fights, and what nots… Currently its like the calm after a storm. And my god, its awkward.

I have no clarity… no focus… no clue what to do when, how, where, why… nothing! Am blank. Like the blackboard before class begins. Good news is… this gives me a chance to a fresh start. A chance to figure out exactly all this- why, what, when, where, how…

How many people get this chance? How many people realise the lack/need of an opportunity like this? How many people lead their lives just surviving from one day to another without feeling the need to figure out anything? Does everyone have these doubts? These questions regarding existence.. society… life… its meaning… Do they ignore them or contemplate during their drunken expeditions and move on the next day? Am I making a big deal about something thats really so commonplace, that noone sees any point in talking about it?

Why am I unable to join the masses of people who live, happily that too… and have nothing except mundane worries regarding gold affordability or house loans? Why am I not able to simplify things? Or am I simplified by not being part of the crowd? Are my thoughts what will help me go to another level as opposed to the million others who exist?

I need a break… A sabbatical from life!


4 thoughts on “Time to change…

  1. I think, you think a lot! And I guess, not every question is supposed to have an answer. Why can’t we just accept few things (not all) on its face value? Now I have started asking questions, haven’t I!

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