Virtual Reality!

It is so easy to be ‘available’ online and fake happiness. Its so easy to say am fine and there is nothing to worry. Its so easy to chat about random topics with friends and family and goof around enough to convince people that all is right. That I am hale and hearty, fine and dandy!

Whats not fine? Accepting the fact that people buy that bullshit!! Do they really think am fine? Do they really not care enough to see that am faking it? Are they so busy in their own worlds that me faking happiness just puts them at ease and they feel that all is well? Or do they really think am making a mountain out of a mole hill and should be fine by now? After all who can put up with more than a month of someone’s cribs right?!!
Well, am not fine. I wasnt fine all these years when I acted fine. Am not fine now. And I wont be for a long long time. It will take time and effort. And since noone has either to invest in me, I shall fake it. Fake it to anyone and everyone who pretends to give a damn! After all, am only doing what you are doing… being fake!!

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