An Optimistic Jump!

Tired of the pessimistic atmosphere I have so conveniently created around me and snuggled into… I decided to see all the good things I have going for me right now. And trust me, there are quite a few.
Confused about who i am, what I want and several such things like Ms Runaway Bride herself, this is my chance to rediscover myself at 28. And yes, it isnt too late. Its a different story that I turn 29 in 2 months and havent done a single thing I wanted to by now. And that once am done with the discovering, am not sure anyone around me will be comfortable with who I am. Hell, dont think i’ll relate to the new me, myself.
Is scary… yet exciting!
Having hit close to rock bottom, all I can look is up. There is nowhere else to go. So have the relief of knowing that things are now going to get better… and soon.
A break in career and an all time financial low helps me make a shift in my line of work if I want to. Anyway am starting from scratch. So, thats a good thought ๐Ÿ™‚
Have an awesome place to stay for 2 months at a considerably low rent thanks to some friends. Sitting in the 15th floor balcony mid day, staring at cloudy skies, listening to Zeb and Haniya and sipping on coffee has a charm I cant really explain. Am sure many people I know would give anything to get to spend a few days like this.
Despite the terrible heartbreak, having a friend (ex-husband) to talk to, confide in and help sort my mind out on and off is a luxury I think very few people enjoy!
So thank you life for all this… and much more. Will stop now, before the pessimistic me takes over once again and rants off to glory!
Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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