Today was discussions and setting up for a show tom. For some reason people in my group have started confiding in me. They seek me out and want to talk and share. Hearing them out and trying to help them is helping me. But sometimes I cant take it. I want to just ask them to fucking go get some help. Thats what am doing. Who is there for me?!!!

I have a new crush on someone in my group. Dipping my pen in the same ink bottle? No, coz I dont think the feeling is mutual. And also, something else happened that is making me hold back.

A couple of friends who know me really really well and to whom I confide everything kinda made fun of me. Also said something when drunk not in jest. Wasnt insensitive or rude but it hurt me. She asked if I have a crush on everyone in my theatre group. Now how is that hurtful. It isnt. But I was hurt. Am hurt. Why should I be? I myself have told her stories of 3 guys with whom there has been chemistry (one of whom is the guy I spoke about earlier) And now I told her about the new crush. So, technically I liked 4 guys there. And for one theatre group, that is a lot right? Right?

Fuck! Back on the dating site. Anonymous flirting cant be worse than this shit, right?

No tears to even cry myself to sleep!

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