My aunt is visiting. She is staying here for just 5 days. My bro’s live in girl friend is back. My friend from Delhi is visiting and so is my ex husband. That means… my mom’s 3 bhk where I have moved in temporarily now has 7 people. Now the house isnt very small and everyone is super sweet. But add these 6 people to the existing several in my head and this space is too crowded.

The space is nice and perfect. Like a Porsche Cayman. But what good is a fancy 2 seater car when you need to seat 15 people???

I am bugged, I need some mental space. I have just been eating and sleeping the whole of yesterday and today. Thats my way of fighting this. Or is it? Am I just making an excuses to not do any work? Using the fact that people are being super nice to me to just laze around and be an insensitive bitch? 

Its hard to sometimes be honest with yourself and accept things like this. Its easier to just believe that you need this space. 


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