Treat me like a Princess..

An old classmate of mine and I have recently started a very weird chat relationship. We dont openly flirt. And have never even foolingly mentioned anything remotely wrong… but there is a vibe. Flirtatious vibe.

And for some reason, all the guys I have had this with have wanted to care for me. Look after me. Show me a good time.

He too is no different. He wants me to go where he currently is, so he can treat me like a princess. What did I do to deserve this? I do only bad things. That too to good people. And I go like a dog behind people who ill treat me.

This guy is married. We havent discussed much about that. But neither have we ever ever crossed any boundary. Not even in jest.

But still I feel am doing something wrong. What can I do?

Another night of eating and crying myself to sleep. Another night of being a loser. Another night… JUST another night!


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