My mom

Always been a strong woman, my mom. Having had a tough childhood and a bad marriage herself, she has a truckload of her own problems. However, she faces all challenges upfront, much like Atilla the hun. She left my dad when she was 45 and moved to where I was studying… with less than enough for a month for both of us to live. She restarted her life then. And now, in 9 years, she has not just become a Senior Manager in an MNC… but she also managed to buy her own house.

When she heard of my problems, she took some time to understand or accept it. Esp the part about the sexual abuse during my childhood hurt her beyond what words can explain. It marked her failure as a mother… according to her.

However, once she settled down, she has been my backbone… along with my ex husband. She doesnt really understand whats wrong but she is just accepting things for the way they are and trying to adjust to it. She is also being there for me in every way she can.

She doesnt know my blog site. Nor does anyone I know. But this post is dedicated to her. For her sheer unconditional love. Thanks mom. I dont know what I would do without you.

Love you.


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