My new doc cut me OFF. Off from alcohol, off from drugs, from online dating, from crazy parties, from creative work, from theatre, from reading, from writing… from everything that I have been hooked to for the past year… and some that have defined my life and who I am. Interestingly, as hard as it for me to adhere to in the beginning, it started showing results pretty soon. People around me noticed a positive energy. A feeling of hope returned. That I can be cured, that I will be well… and soon. Not without a struggle, ofcourse. But the possibility of complete recovery and a return to “normalcy”… gave HOPE!

And as goes the saying in hindi “Umeed pe duniya kaayam” (roughly translated: Hope sustains life) all I can do now is cling on to any ray of hope I can lay my hands on.

Since I cant read other blogs or about my illness anymore, I shall henceforth write about how I have been feeling and what my doc suggests I do. If am able to recover and his method is good, then hopefully, it will help someone out there as well 🙂

Until then, switch off and hope!


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