Is silence golden?

After a while of being under the weather, my spirits started improving. Getting a good night’s sleep definitely helped. To make the best of this productive phase, I spent the day doing as much of whatever I felt like doing. Work, cooking, cleaning, dancing…

Now satisfied with myself and the day I’m relaxing with a hot cup of black coffee on a cold day to watch one of my favourite movies of all times- Into the wild.

I’m happy and relaxed and satisfied. But something feels incomplete. I had this pressing need to share it with the people who have been reading and liking my posts on the days I’m low. I wanted to shout out to all the people who read my blog that I’m better. I’m happy. I’m… yaaaaay.

Given the miniscule number of followers or likes, I’m presuming this isn’t an addiction to virtual consolation. It’s just me wanting to share my happiness.

Thank you WordPress. Thank you readers. Thank you for coming along on my journey. Just… thank you 🙂


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