#1 It’s more than what you eat… 

From 5 days back… The return of the foodie

Today is Ganesha Chathurthi. A festival where amongst other things, families make kozhakattai… a steamed momo like dish, made with rice flour and stuffed with a coconut jaggery mixture. It’s amazingly tasty and I love it.

When we were kids we used to celebrate all festivals with the same energy and enthusiasm as a class teacher on a sports day. We dressed up in traditional clothes and went house to house distributing the sweets mom made. I remember congregating at any one house on Diwali to light crackers together or arranging a Christmas tree or setting up an absurd yet gorgeous pookalam for onam. 🙂

Soon family problems overtook the happiness a festival brought and we all gave up on celebrations. I don’t remember which year or when but each of us lost the enthusiasm and excitement around the same time. A part of me died that day.

Today, 20 years and a myriad of experiences later…I find myself still alone on a festive occasion.

So, ignoring the gut wrenching sounds of the tree being cut outside my complex, I have decided to start my own rituals. I’m not a very religious person nor am I a believer in organised religion. But I like festivals and rituals… and I believe the reason they came into being were far more wholesome than an extremist nut can even fathom.

So, my fellow bloggers, please raise your glass to this very special day. Here’s to starting your own rituals.


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