The magic bus

This part of my journey I shall dedicate to Alexander Supertramp. For embarking on the quest to find answers. For inspiring millions. For Into The Wild.

Given where I have reached in terms of dealing with bipolar and with my past… I decided to go explore, experience, enjoy. To try finding my soul before losing it to the corporate world. To give myself a chance to be a writer before giving up on it. So with help from my ex and the remnants of what was once my savings, I’ve decided to go to goa for a couple of months. Hampi, maybe. North East, if I can afford it.

Keeping in mind my goal… to break out of this lazy comfort zone my plush apartment in Bangalore provides me with… I found a studio apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom within my budget. Spoke to a friend who co-owns a cafe there and can work with them for a stipend and food.

So armed with nothing but a spirit of adventure I’m off in 2 days to feel, dance, sing, write, read, walk, see, explore, imagine, accept, understand… to breathe!

Starting today I shall write about each day. Not about the activities like a log. But about something… what I thought or felt or was inspired by.

My Great Goan adventure journal.

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