Day -1

If there was a list of my favourite things to do then making lists would probably top that list. So to calm my nerves a bit… I made lists.

List of things to pack. List of places to see. Things to do. Things not to do. And not making lists topped that list.

I’m still extremely excited. But given the events that happened over the last some time, I’m now not sure if leaving now is the right thing to do. I definitely cannot afford a trip which serves no purpose different from what my house here serves. Definitely not financially.

So still excited but also very apprehensive. Confused. Wish I had someone to speak to who could help me get clarity. Maybe I’ll just make a pro con list.


2 thoughts on “Day -1

  1. Your trip list could be a list of places you will visit someday. I had coffee with a friend the other day who said she wants to visit every country in the world. As long as your lists aren’t making you anxious and they are just lists you made today, then maybe that could be okay for now.

    • They aren’t. I love checking each item off as I finish the task. My little black book is now full of such half checked lists. Completing them makes me very happy.
      Hope your friend gets to check off all the countries on her list 🙂
      Thank you…

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