Day 3- the art of being 

The happiness and nirvana I achieved yesterday followed through to today. Since the cafe people I was supposed to meet got busy suddenly, I got the whole day to myself.

What’s more? It rained. No… it poured!

Since rainy season is over, I couldn’t help but feel that this was the universe washing aware all my negativity and fakeness and hatred and sadness that I’d shed just the night before. A very happy thought.

Early evening my day got even better. I got a bike to ride around. A dio. Ironically I used to judge the localites in Bangalore who rode around on a dio and called them macha- a local greeting. So now I’m a macha in Goa. A Machado 🙂 (stupid surname based joke)

Riding around on narrow country roads with the wind in my hair and fields on both sides… I couldn’t help but sing out loud.

I laughed, giggled, sang, rode… I was me.

Good times and bad times will keep coming. Bipolar days will keep happening. It’s only important that through it all… I’m me.

I’m not good or bad or bipolar. I’m me. Shit happens.

Machado out! 😉


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