Day 4 continues- a sudden twist

It’s not that I’m not still feeling awesome. I sure am. But I’m also sad. My head is filling up with these horrible thoughts. About practically everything.

I don’t want to fight them. I want to embrace them and move on but I’m not able to not simply sit and cry.

Maybe it’s needed to balance how ecstatic I’ve been. Maybe it’s because I’m tired with the lack of sleep. Maybe it’s to test whether I’ll stick to my new found positivity even on bipolar days.

Whatever the reason, I still have to deal with it. So here’s to a nice sandwich, a glass of cool guava juice, marathon series of Gilmore girls and loads more positivity to stay strong through this phase. Here’s to my new life. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Day 4 continues- a sudden twist

  1. I didn’t realize you were like me! I’ve never met anyone with bipolar other than my brothers. is my email. It’s great reading what
    Bipolar looks like for other people. Don’t be offended if I laugh a little cause I know how crazy all this is!!

    • Hey… do join in on the laughter 🙂 I think being able to laugh and smile through all this is one of the best things I’ve had. So don’t be sorry. It really is crazy… well you know 🙂

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