Day 6 continues- The food hunt 

​Returning from the beach both C and I were hungry since we had skipped lunch as well. So after riding around for a while searching for a place to eat, we found a small family run shop with just about 5 chairs around 2 tables set up in their backyard.

They serve a local fast food delicacy called Ros omelette (Ros in konkani means gravy). Something that we had gone hunting for, the previous evening.

So i nestled into my chair and chatted with the owner/cook while she and her husband were preparing our order. (C had gone to run some errands in the meanwhile) 

In less than 2 mins we had before us 2 plates of delicious Ras omelette. Served with a wheat bun, this double egg omelette with a generous helping of chicken gravy poured over it was ridiculously yumm.

Here’s a food cheers to such serendipitous experiences. Cheers to this awesome new phase in my life.

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