Day 6- The stone age

After 2 days of fighting my mood swing to continue being active, I got most of the day to myself today. Last night’s chat with the cafe owner/new friend along with some green apple vodka led to both of us getting to vent a bit and sleep like babies. Conservative as she may be, her opinions gave me some perspective. And maybe the first step towards forgiving my family. Not just for not doing what they should have… but for not wanting to apologize for the price I paid for it and for not wanting to change so that we could finally actually become a family.

C (the cafe owner) and I are very similar in several ways which is the reason we clicked as fast as we did. But we are also very different in several ways. Unique in our own.

After supervising the construction work happening at the café, we headed to the beach on our own bikes. The solo ride was gorgeous and very relaxing. She took me through quaint roads till we reached a non crowded part of the beach.

Standing there in our own solitudes watching the sun setting into the sea, I couldn’t help but cheer up considerably. I moved a few steps closer to the water to let it touch my feet and there in front of me, glistening in the water, were the most beautiful stones ever.

Black, brown, yellow, grey, round, opaque, translucent, heavy, light… different stones of different shapes, sizes and hues. Gorgeous!

It made me smile because of its similarities with us.

We, people, are very different in our physicality, thoughts, conditioning… and yet weirdly similar. Some of us are brown, black, white, wheatish, tall, short, fat, thin, smart, stupid, scared, courageous, bipolar, schizophreniac, autistic, boring, interesting, murderers, life givers, rich, poor, humble, egoistic… the waves of life and the sands of time have caressed and polished the rocks we were once a part of to create this unique, special version of us. Very similar to the rock we come from… yet very unique. Simple in isolation and gorgeous in a cluster.

I dedicate this post to a friend who randomly came into my life and taught me to appreciate stones. The stupid plays we watched and the stupider conversations we had over dinner and the walk back home will always be cherished. Thanks K for those non drugged stoned times 🙂


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