Day 10- Sunday special

He reached. And we spoke. He says I’m not me anymore. And will wait for me to be me.

But when I was me I was hurt. By not one, not 2… everyone. Even the one person I trusted. They hurt me, crushed me, wounded me and left me to rot. Raped me, sold me, abused me, insulted me… killed me!

How am I supposed to recover from it without help? And I don’t mean therapy help. I mean proof that this person won’t be bad for me. Won’t hurt me till I heal. How can you expect me to let go without a safety net? And what purpose will waiting serve if I don’t even know which direction I’m supposed to go?

Added to all the baggage I’m also bipolar and have a zillion other conditions. Which I am fighting without any therapy or medicine.

How much more? Enough! Please…

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