Day 11 continues- Obsession

I want someone to love me. Obsess about me. Crave for me. Want me the way I want them. Want me the amount I want them. Atleast till it’s enough…

When you are hungry and food is served you don’t think of sharing. You eat. Gobble it up. And when you realise or believe there is enough and more… when you know you will get your fill… then you can share.

I want someone till be mine till I’m ready to share.

My childhood abuser used to tell me stories of all the women he was with. But it didn’t matter coz after all that he would always come back to me. I was his girl. So I grew up thinking monogamy is a stupid concept. You can be with anyone you want sexually. Just emotionally you should be loyal. Fidelity was a mental thing. Not physical.

But now I want to say enough. Please. Don’t want to be with anyone else. Want me. I can be enough. I am good enough to satisfy you. Please… let me be enough. …

Atleast till I’ve had my fill. Then I won’t tie you down anymore.

Is that stupid? Or is monogamy actually stupid? 

Maybe what I need isn’t someone obsessing about me. It’s to stop obsessing about everything.


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