Day 13- Periods

This morning I woke up and got my periods. Not only would that mean stomach cramps and a ban on water sports, it would also mean mood swings… added to my already wonderful frame of mind.

So tweaking our day plans to go check out where I used to live years back with my husband, we headed to Dona Paula. Given the amazing cheap touristy bike I’ve rented here, we took forever to do the 20 odd kilometer journey. What’s even better is that engrossed in sharing stories about my old life here, we got lost. After hours of roaming around in the hot sun, I finally managed to get the details of my old place from my ex and headed there.

It was amazing. Memories came flooding back and hit me. Hard. Realisations followed.

So after seeing and taking the sights in, we headed back to the outskirts where I currently stay.

We had brunched and dinnered at a couple of excellent restaurants. More soon.

After a bottle of wine and a scrumptious dinner, I couldn’t sleep with stomach and back cramps. Since I’d popped pills during the day time to alleviate the pain and enable the roaming around… I really didn’t want to pop a pill at night.

So today was a day of periods. Periods of happiness. Periods of darkness. Periods of pain and relief. Of nostalgia and new memories. Of love lost and gained. Of life.

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