Day 17- Comedy capsule

This morning after 2 nights of no sleep and loads of drinks, I crashed around 9am. Woke up by 11 as the power had gone. The entire city had no electricity till evening. And since I’m on a badget trip staying at a make shift house, I have no power backup. So with the heat and humidity I woke up feeling drowsy and dehydrated and lousy in general.

I was unable to do anything for a while as I just wanted to keep my body still and calm.

Finally I managed to drag myself out of bed at 1pm and went to the cafe after a bath. There I had food and water (finally!) and we did loads of work. 

I even rode 40kms to drop cafe owner to the railways station. More soon.

After returning and watching an amazing sunset at the beach, I started feeling very very tired. I barely managed to ride back home and tried to sleep.

But alas! That wasn’t meant to be. I fretted and fumed and lay around and walked for 4hrs. By ten pm I started feeling very hungry. Which made trying to sleep even more difficult.

After mulling over that for a long time… I listened to music which helped me cook rice. And that’s when the comedy show began.

To strain the starch from the rice I couldn’t find a kitchen towel. To hunt for one I went to my bed room and saw my bathing towel. I took that and went to have a bath. When I remembered that I have clothes to wash. So I started soaking them in a bucket. Luckily the lid of the rice vessel toppled over and I went to check it. And got back to cooking.

 Now I had beef chilly in my fridge. Since I just wanted to eat fast… I put scoop fulls of hot rice on the beef and took it back to my bedroom to eat. I kept it on the bed and sat down and it toppled over onto my bed.

So I spent the next 20 mins cleaning it up. That made me sweep the whole house.

So now, I’ve cleaned the house, soaked clothes for wash, very little food to eat and still no sleep!

I’m glad I atleast can laugh 🙂


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