Day 18- The jump 

Today I woke up tired after just 2 hours of sleep. Couldn’t sleep more so went over to C’s place to finish running errands. Thought I’ll be productive when I can and then sleep when tired… instead of wasting time trying to fight my sleeplessness.

We started talking about our past during breakfast. And sat talking without running any errands for the cafe till late afternoon. Then we had a heavy lunch and I crashed. Slept for 2 hours. Sat groggy for 1 after that.

I decided to run some personal errands and start on my agenda in the evening. But I had no energy. The talk was more exhausting than the sleeplessness… if that’s possible.

So we bought junk, drinks and spent the night drinking and sharing. I told her things I’ve been scared to tell even my doc. She has been through similar shit. And is recently divorced. We completed each other’s sentences.

Today I took a leap of faith. I was human around someone who isn’t me. Drunk and otherwise.

I’m scared. No. I’m petrified. But today I jumped… without looking for a safety net.


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