Day 20 still goes on- God of possibilities

I’m low and lonely and desperate. Usually I lock the gate to my private verandah behind me but today I didn’t in my hurry. After hours of sitting, bathing, eating while i was watching a show that helps me with my headphones on in my dark room without the lights on and front door open… I kept hearing a purrr. 

I knew a black cat with white paws lived in my vicinity. It had visited me few weeks back when I just moved in and never returned. I’m bad with cats. Dogs I love.

Today, sitting wallowing in my loneliness, hogging to fill the black hole within me… I turned around and found the cat inside my room purring from under a chair. In my shock I shooed it away and screamed. It ran till the door and then walked back in slowly.

It sat under the chair and purred in response to everything I said.

Could it sense my looniness and loneliness? Could it be life sending me something to hold onto? Can desperation make you believe in God?

Whatever the reason, it saved me when I needed saving desperately. For that, thank you 🙂


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