Day 22- Becoming me

I kicked myself emotionally to get my shit together.

So… I got up. Dressed up in a pretty dress. Even wore some make up and set forth.

I rode around for a couple of hours singing along with my music. I enjoyed the wind in my hair, staring at the beach in the darkness and singing out to my heart’s content. I couldn’t help but smile. Then I went to an amazing restaurant and ordered an amazing beef ravioli and wine.

I ate my first ever restaurant meal alone listening to music and reading a book.

Today I took my first step towards becoming me.

Then I decided to go to a quaint homely cafe for a slice of their home made cake. But alas. They were closed for the day. The bakery opposite the cafe didn’t have bibinca either, a famous Goan sweet.

So instead of mourning at home, I decided to ride around listening to music.

That’s when 3 guys on a bike started following me. Luckily for me another guy on a bike started riding alongside me until the bike guys sped off.

I thanked the guy who coincidentally is from Kerala. He rode alongside me for a while longer… hoping I’d hook up with him I think… and then bought me a chocolate from a local shop, caught up with me and gifted it. For my birthday. 🙂

So… scary and unsafe… yet yaaaay.

Here’s to becoming more me every day 🙂


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