Day 23 continues- The rainbow people

Dressed in garb so boring and plain

Whites and blues and blacks and greys

I epitomize gloom and pain

Like the dreary sky during rain.

Walking joyously with no tension or strain

Are hordes of people with coloured dresses and mane

With no worries of judgement, hypocrisy or shame

They live their lives, their own rules, their lane.

Didn’t realise when my clothes became my second skin

My personality, my thoughts, my attitude, my name

I tried to change my life, in vain

My colourless cries for help were considered insane.

Today I let go of everything.

My inhibitions, my insecurities,

My limitations, my baggage.

Today I became a rainbow person… from a plain Jane!

PS: no offense meant to anyone called Jane.

It’s after all just my lame attempt at a poem… to express myself.


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