Day 24- Spectacular Sundae

Today was a special Sunday. Today I ran the cafe by myself. C and her partner are traveling and decided to leave me in charge. Given that I’ve been helping around with the serving, taking orders, cleaning up and interacting with customers when they were here, it seemed like a natural step up.

But it’s a whole different story!

Coordinating with delivery guys, giving stock up orders, finding quick fixes for random problems while interacting with customers and serving and cleaning and taking orders isn’t as easy or romantic as it looks. But it is fun!

I was thrilled and excited and had an adrenaline rush from the word go.

Exhausted with my body crying with pain I returned home at night only to realise that i had soaked clothes for wash. So then I cooked, washed clothes, vessels, cleaned up and watched an episode of Gilmore girls while eating.

After that unlike my routine habit of pinging people, I simply sat. Contemplating the days events. Taking it all in. Happy.

Even without beaching and water sports, Goa sure is serving it’s purpose!

PS: I’ve now learnt to make their special milkshakes, sandwiches and rolls. Next on my list, burgers!


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