Day 27 continues- Cookathon

Today after my life took a u turn I too decided to not be the lazy lout I’d been the last few days.

So, equipped with fresh produce from the local market… I set forth on my cooking expedition.

For lunch, i made a gorgeous mixed vegetable curry with ground coconut paste. It tastes remarkably like the Kerala fish curry, just that it had pumpkin and capsicum instead. Also since I didn’t have tamarind or kodum pulli that’s traditionally used for sourness, I substituted it with raw mango. It was quite delicious. I even froze a bit to consume when I’m low and don’t feel like cooking. Or homesick.

Then after a quick visit to the cafe and riding around for a while I made dinner. Inspired by a very very cute and hot Christopher (from Gilmore girls) looking fellow called Matt that I interacted with at the cafe, I made eggs with broccoli, mushrooms, cheese and bell peppers. It was yumm but since I’m a knucklehead I ended up burning the bottom. Piece of advice- do not leave eggs to cook without much butter or oil and set forth cleaning up the kitchen.

Burnt or not, today was an amazing foodfull day 🙂


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