Day 61 part 4- Lowly endings

After some staff confrontations at the cafe, C and I dressed up and rode around for a while. After about an hour we decided to head to a fun local bar called Mango tree to relax and talk and vent.

Since I’m off alcohol during my medication, i matched her long island ice tea with a fresh mango milk shake. With actual mango. No essence! 

She spoke while I listened with partial attention reserved for the music they were playing- Nirvana! We chatted, vented, discussed life and returned home to a fashion show by a drunk C.

Now I’m back at home and after a brief conversation with A, I’m low. Became low mid conversation for absolutely no reason.

Shall try to watch something and cheer up. Or exercise and write and atleast stick to my routine. Or lie here staring at my phone till 3am without realising.

Which do you think will happen? 🙂


Day 61 part 3- Sleeping Beauty

Not sure about the beauty part but I’ve definitely gotten down the sleeping part. Slept on and off the whole day punctuated with regular intervals of playing Clash of clans. All I’ve eaten the whole day is a handful of grapes. Where is Mr Prince Charming when you need him?

So much for my resolution to eat right. But I’ve just not been hungry.

Now after a small meal just to make sure my system kicks into action, I shall sweep and mop and exercise.

Pancakes at C’s place at 6. So yaaaay, looking forward to that.

Day 61 part 2- Work or sleep?

So after I lay down at 3 to sleep, I just couldn’t fall asleep. I was resting but my mind was wrecking havoc.

So I decided that instead of wasting time and not falling asleep, I would do things. Whatever I felt like. Till I became tired enough to crash.

So I read blogs, wrote 2 chapters for a new book/story, played game, spoke to A between his meetings and finally at 7am fell asleep.

Up since 9. Will try to breathe and sleep some more lest I crash tonight.

Aim is to moderate this mania to be as productive as possible. 

Day 61 part 1- GoT

Everyday I think it’s time I buck up and get my act together and everyday I push it to the next. Like the popular series, I think Game of Tomorrow is something everyone loves as well.

So tonight, despite it being very late, when the mood kicked in, I exercised. I then had a bath, drank oodles of water, did some breathing exercises and had my medicine.

Now I’m tired yet happy and ready to sleep. Hoping to keep this up daily at some time or the other. Coupled with good food, I’m sure I’ll start feeling better.

Step 2 will be to fix reasonable timings for both food and exercise. And most importantly for sleeping.

 What do you keep procrastinating about? 

Keep smiling 🙂 

Day 60 part 4- Social media

After calming down post my trip out, I was watching Gilmore girls and eating food when my phone started buzzing with activity.

Alerts of a terrorist attack in which 6 army people lost their lives. Links with their names being shared pushed right into hyper ventilation.

Finally I opened the link to check. Phew! My brother isn’t on it. A friend’s husband is. Unfortunate incident with unnecessary bloodshed.

But I couldn’t calm down for hours after that. A is in a meeting and R is asleep after a long journey.

Stupid stupid social media. Stupid world. Please keep everyone safe. Please!

Day 60 part 3- Foggy rides

So armed with all the courage I could muster up by listening to Wrecking ball and other upbeat songs, I headed out to buy provisions. Running the errands wasn’t my biggest challenge. Getting up and getting ready was.

I went to 3 different veg shops hunting for the big brinjal that I love to fry and eat and ended up with loads of veg from each shop. Then I ended up riding around a decent amount before I relaxed enough to go to the provision store to pick up a pack of chips for myself. Treat 🙂 

Since there were 2 people I waited for a bit but then went in, collected what I want and stood at the counter. In less than 2 mins 7 more people walked in. 9 people in a tiny store placing orders talking to each other. I calmly kept breathing, smiling at the kid that was waving at me and incessently pulling at my dress.

It took the shopkeeper a good 20 mins to clear the store and pay attention to me. By which time a rude tourist pushed me aside and ordered what she wanted. On any other day I’d have held my ground or said something. But given my state today, I don’t know when I’ll go from hyperness to anger, so I let it be.

Then I had to ride for almost half an hour in the fog with about ten feet visibility before I calmed down enough to come home during the power cut.

Not only did I manage that, I even arranged everything in the fridge and kitchen using my phone torch.

I’m mighty pleased with my achievement for today. In this foggy day, I sure could see ahead!

Day 60 part 2- The rest

I think getting good sleep is one of the reasons for being happy. I slept quite early last night, just before 3, and woke up only at 9. That’s a lot of sleep for me given that I rarely ever get any. I slept again early evening because I was tired with all the activity.

I feel like going out for a walk and buying provisions. Don’t have the guts to set forth but I really want to. Trying to will myself to with a treat at night if I manage to. Fingers crossed. 🙂