Day 33 continues- The people

Thank goodness for these few people in my life. The new ones I meet who get added into this list. Thank you world for being kind to me.

A conversation with my ex made me realise how far ahead I’ve come from where I was just over a year back. That too without any professional help- therapy or medication. Instead of beating myself up for the things I can’t do now… Why not make a list of the things I can do and feel proud. I can Jeep adding to this till one day I won’t need a list. Thank you R, for being who you are to me. For giving me life. Not just existence.

And when I decided to solve the procurement problem by ordering provisions home instead of pushing myself on a day when I’m incapable, I started feeling much better. Almost good enough to go buy what I needed anyway. Almost.

But the shop goofed up the order. So I turned to Lakshmi. Though she is the lady who comes to help me with my house chores, she is much more than that. She doesn’t judge me for the men that come and go. She doesn’t question me when mid afternoon she reaches and I’ll still be sleeping in my night clothes without having eaten or bathed. She doesn’t complain when I forget her payment for days. And she didn’t complain today when for the first time I called her and asked if she could bring an ingredient tomorrow when she reaches.

Thank you world for these people and the several more like them I meet. Thank you 🙂


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