Day 34 part 2- Small victories

The people who were supposed to come over for lunch turned up before the pre decided time. This unnerved me esp since I’d specifically asked them to gimme a ring before leaving from their place. That would have been my 1hr warning. Though my alarm giving me 1hr to mentally prepare myself before they reach did ring, i didn’t act on it as I knew they’d call.

Luckily I had a bath and was getting dressed when they reached and rang the bell. Bell! A sound that unnerves me on a regular day, today clang in my head like an earthquake. I was unnerved, anxious and pissed off. 

Why don’t people understand? Why don’t even the people who understand, really understand? 

But! Yes there is a But today… I didn’t just buck up and act fine. I told them that I didn’t like what they did but then decided to put it aside and move on. Enjoy the day as planned. And I did.

Normally this would mean all is forgotten and I’d be apologetic for having expressed anger. But not today. Today I said I’ll talk about it another day in detail. And instead of just acting happy, I actually had fun.

Yaaaay… Small victories that in my world are no less than world wars.


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