Day 34 part 3- My Man

Entire blogs dedicated to this man won’t do justice to how amazing he has been to me… Leave alone a post. But for who he is to me, I’d like to atleast dedicate this post to him.

He understands me. It took him time but he accepts me completely. My inhibitions, insecurities, complexes, conditions… They aren’t my limitations according to him. They are me. I am me.

He has done everything humanely possible to help me. Including being my caretaker for 2 years while I had a breakdown and was completely disfunctional. This, after a year of us having broken up, is just an example of his awesomeness.

He has his quirks. He has hurt me and affected me badly. I’m not blind to that. But his goodness far out weighs his mistakes. To me.

I understand he might not be perfect to the world. But for me… He is more than that. If I could have a non platonic relationship with him without it killing me, I would have given us a last chance. But I can’t. And now, we aren’t compatible for a relationship of that kind. Our personalities aren’t.

Today the drive and dinner with him gave me the comfort and understanding and  security I’ve been craving for months.

Thank you world for bringing him into my life. My ex husband. My soul mate. My love. My sojourner. My man!


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