Day 45 continues- Hyperactivity

Today I didn’t just get hyper and waste my day in a fluster. Instead I analysed my condition and tweaked my tasks to suit me.

I danced, exercise, cleaned up, cooked, figured out ways to support myself during the upcoming depression, was supportive to a friend, reached out and got in touch with people I miss, watched things and figured out a solution for my dysfunctionality in Bangalore.

I was confident, hard working, joyful and happy. I was active but didn’t become hyper.

I’m only sad about not having mourned for my uncle enough. But I’m not able to cry for him anymore. Just appreciate that he was a crazy amazing exciting person who encouraged me to think differently. And I’ll do the best I can to live an amazing life. I owe him that much. I’ll also not let my body image issues hold me back anymore. Coz that is one regret I’ll always have. I didn’t meet him for 2years now since I was embarrassed of how fat I’ve become. Never want to repeat this mistake.

For years now bipolar has used to me vent it’s frustration on. Today I used my bipolar to make the best use of my time.

Bipolar- 0; Me- 1

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