Day 46 continues- Failed

Because of the recent demonization that was very badly planned, I’ve not been able to withdraw any money or purchase anything. I’ve been making do with things I have at home but now after a day without even proper water, I decided to venture to the local shop so that I can swipe my card and buy provisions.

I stalked the shop till ten at night for a time when there were hardly any people and then went in. I was in the zone. Walked around the aisles, asked for things i need, bought veg despite the other people standing there, paid and returned home. Kept the provisions and then walked to the atm to try my luck. Unfortunately I didn’t get any money. So I walked back home again still tugging at my jacket for moral support.

I was happy and proud. Happy and excited. I survived. Did what I need without help. Was independent.

I reached home, walked in, fell down and cried like a baby. Couldn’t stop. Couldn’t get up. Couldn’t breathe. Just couldn’t take anymore. Of anything. People, emotions, light, sounds, feelings. Even air.

I’m just done. With stupid insensitive unnecessary ineffective decisions that do nothing more than give people in power more money and more power. A pointless marketing gimmick that made 33 people lose their lives in 4 days. And I get forwards and msgs with educated aware people saying wait… It’s for the bigger good. Everyone has to pay a small price.

Really? Your dad died standing in a queue? Your child is hungry since 2 days? You got beaten up coz there is no money for food? Your hard earned small business shut down? No right? Then shut the fuck up. Talk about patience after your mom or dad dies in the queue.

Ridiculous senseless arguments by educated aware people who can’t tell the difference between an honest attempt gone wrong and a marketing ploy! Insensitive pricks who can’t see that their usual ignorance isn’t what disabled people are experiencing today. It’s much much worse. Not only are you not helping, you are part of the problem! Be stupid. Just stop advertising it.

And no, some action is better than none is not a sound argument! Hitler did some action. Was that better than none?

Fucking idiots. 

You are the disabled ones for not having any sense. You are the sick ones for how selfish you are. Just because something tastes bad, doesn’t mean it’s good for health. Just because people are suffering doesn’t mean it’s for a greater good.

Fuck these idiots. Fuck the people in power. Fuck everyone.

Just another fuckedupness to add to what I’m going through right now. But I’m a minority, so who cares!


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