Day 51 part 3- Resolutions

I still believe everything I said. But with a positive attitude. Like a fellow blogger and i believe, fake it till you make it!

1. If watching cheesy series helps, then that’s what I’ll do. Hard-disks of Suits, Gilmore Girls, Sherlock, Luther, Drop Dead Diva, The Mentalist, Satisfaction, Blacklist, whatever helps shall be at my bedside ready to be marathon viewed.

2. I will read the resolutions I’ve made for myself atleast once daily. Even on the days I find it lame.

3. I will spend atleast one hour everyday with myself, singing, dancing, listening to music, riding or whatever it is that makes me happy.

4. I will look my best. Will work out on losing the weight I’ve gained thanks to my junk when anything behaviour. Nothing, not even hypothyroidism or pcod is an excuse for why I’m still overweight. And I will dress up daily. Not sit in crappy home clothes mourning.

5. I will talk to myself. Be it in front of a mirror or to my pillow at night. Self talk I shall. Esp since that’s what helped me get over my medication dependency.

6. I will have a life! Beyond the one person I want to be with. I’ll make time for friends, for activities, for everything.

7. Have Goals, not dreams. And work at achieving each of them. For now, I will work on my book!! Fiction or the one I’m currently working on based on my posts, but work on it, I shall.

Hundred thousand more points but I don’t need to catalogue them all today, right? So wherever I think of something new I shall add on in a new post.
Yaaaay… Excited!


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