Day 51- The real you

When someone says “Show me the real you… And you’ll see how much I love you”, they don’t really mean the real you. They mean the version of you that’s acceptable to them.

The desperate, needy, clingy, pathetic, insecure, under confident parts of you that stick their heads out at regular intervals, keep that to yourself. Share about them if the someone really is mature, understanding and capable of compassion.

But don’t be that. Be the acceptable version of yourself that you’ve trained over the years for. Be that, share the desperation. Like a story. Or a thought.

They will love you and support you and feel close to you.

But the real you… Keep that for the anonymous blogs. Where you can cry and vent and grudge and yell and express.

Just don’t ever be the real you. Contrary to what I believe, this I’m learning.


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