Day 54 part 1- The push

Today C wanted to go into the city for some cafe work. So we had planned to have breakfast together and push off my 9am. However despite my multiple alarms, I jolted out of my sleep only at quarter to ten. I quickly called her and realised that she herself hadn’t left and was just preparing breakfast.

So after quickly getting ready, I went over to her place. I thought I’ll excuse myself from the trip to the city. I have finally been able to get some sleep and for someone like me who finds it so hard to fall asleep, this was a dream.

But with her excitement I decided to go along and use my reserve energy for this. Wasn’t a conscious decision. But we ended up riding to the city in the peak sun and reaching the crowded market place. 

There after roaming around and bargaining with several vendors that managed to save us not even the cost of traveling to the city, we bought very very few provisions and headed to the bank to start a company account. After an argument with her business partner regarding another bank where C wanted to actually start the account, we left without enquiring or doing any work.

So I used the last of my energy reserve and precious to do absolutely nothing productive. Time that I could have spent sleeping.

Now with a headache and having missed my food plan of multiple meals, I’m back with a pending trip back to the city that won’t serve any purpose. Today was not the day I pushed myself.

I wish I knew how to say no even if I feel like I’m being a loser. Any suggestions?

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