Day 56 part 1- Realisations

I can’t believe it took me 55 days to get into mission mode. In my defense, I did gain a lot from this trip prior to my military regime plan. The great Goan adventure did serve purpose.

I started going to shops. Even when they are crowded. And i tested this out in Bangalore too.

I cook most meals despite depression or suicidal feelings or mania.

I got over few inhibitions like eating in front of others, cooking for others, using the loo (God forbid people know I’m human!!), Etc

I started saying what I want. I need to sleep, I’m hungry, I have to write, etc.

I wore a skirt. Knee length and only till C’s house. But it’s a start 🙂

Anyway… Few down and few million more to go! Yee-haw… Here we go!


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