Day 58 part 1- The fall

So yesterday I was productive. Did work for the cafe. Discussed marketing plans. Discussed a new company that C and I could start together, wrote a letter to my grandfather, etc. I even went out for dinner despite my current stomach medication and medical restrictions.

Later in the night, I had a conversation with A. A light hearted update/ conversation that led to us discussing the future, which felt wonderful, talking about my past, which was helpful, and then ended up with us reaching an impasse. I think discussing my past paid a huge role in where the conversation headed. But whatever we do, how many ever attempts we give ourselves, whichever routes we take, we seem to reach an impasse.

He is a hurt person too. Needs love and support and help too.

But I’m broken too.

Who will help whom?

My, How the mighty have fallen. Where I thought we were headed and where we actually ended!


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