Day 58 part 4- Resolution fail

Just a few days back I’d made some resolutions. To spend time with myself, watch what I need to feel uplifted, talk to myself, walk, ride, listen to music, etc.

Not even been a month and I’m off the list. I haven’t been consciously doing any of those on any day. Some days have been good just by luck. But the bad days hit worse because I don’t do what I need to. My self preservation is very very low.

Maybe that’s what I should add to my resolutions. 🙂 

After talking to A and realising that I was anxious without reason, I cried to vent my anxiety, washed clothes, swept and mopped the house, cooked dinner, washed vessels and ate while watching Gilmore girls. Feeling much better again 🙂

The resolutions were for a reason. Need to learn to stick to them.

2 thoughts on “Day 58 part 4- Resolution fail

  1. It’s so hard to stick to good resolutions – self-regulation has been shown to be a limited resource so if you’re spending all your time trying to control your moods then there’s not much left over for all the other “shoulds” and “oughts”. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall short of expectations and ideals – just hitting the target some of the time is better than not at all – it adds up in the end…

    • I guess. Thank you 🙂 But I tend become so needy and dependent when I’m not careful which leaves me feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. So much to do and so little energy 🙂 thanks again. Will try to be less critical about myself.

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