Day 60 part 1- Hello Mrs sprightly

Today I woke up happy. Despite my torturous nightmare where I murdered a famous politician causing riots and lived in with a Don in a very traditional set up.

I spoke to A for a bit. Had breakfast on time. Listened to music, read, sang and had fun.

I even played music while cooking and sang and danced along. I’m happy and high… Woohoo.

If this is my manic phase, its very very controlled. So yaaaay!


16 thoughts on “Day 60 part 1- Hello Mrs sprightly

      • Consider me your cool British cousin my dear… I hope you get a handle on your Polar Bears, which is what I call Bipolar. One is called Mania, the other one is Depression. If you’d like to talk, drop by. Insha’Allah you will learn to navigate this challenge and you’re not alone either. Xx

      • I know. But this is a safe id 🙂 it’s not linked to anything else I have. Hence not very worried. Using the phone app, can’t delete msgs. Will do once I connect from the laptop. Thanks so much. Guess I am manic 🙂 Not thinking of repercussions.

      • If I give you any advice, it’s eat well, exercise, go to sleep at a decent time, do not let yourself get overstimulated and find the best medication for you. Your main responsibility is to you.

      • I’ve been off medication and therapy for 16 months now. Hence figuring out how to maintain stability with just self talk and whatever else works… But yes. Need to work on eating right, exercising and sleeping enough.

      • Yes, that’s very, very daring. I hope it works but it does mean you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball. I remember dancing in the kitchen for four hours straight, before having breakfast, when Manic. One sad song on the radio and I’d be weeping on the floor. Treat yourself with the utmost kindness and consideration at all times and learn as fast as you can what works. Amazing really… but also worrying.

      • I agree. It’s been a tough year. But I’m happy I’m doing this without any help. I was on such high medication that my brain refused to even function. I believe that’s the equivalent of me being dead. Was only physically alive. After a few months of no medication, I actually dealt with a lot of my baggage. Acknowledged them, processed them, even had confrontations. For someone with years of abuse, it wasn’t easy. So now I’m a little haywire coz I’m tired. If I had someone or somewhere I could go just to crash for a bit, I would. But since i can’t, I’m on my Great Goan Adventure!

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