Day 60 part 3- Foggy rides

So armed with all the courage I could muster up by listening to Wrecking ball and other upbeat songs, I headed out to buy provisions. Running the errands wasn’t my biggest challenge. Getting up and getting ready was.

I went to 3 different veg shops hunting for the big brinjal that I love to fry and eat and ended up with loads of veg from each shop. Then I ended up riding around a decent amount before I relaxed enough to go to the provision store to pick up a pack of chips for myself. Treat 🙂 

Since there were 2 people I waited for a bit but then went in, collected what I want and stood at the counter. In less than 2 mins 7 more people walked in. 9 people in a tiny store placing orders talking to each other. I calmly kept breathing, smiling at the kid that was waving at me and incessently pulling at my dress.

It took the shopkeeper a good 20 mins to clear the store and pay attention to me. By which time a rude tourist pushed me aside and ordered what she wanted. On any other day I’d have held my ground or said something. But given my state today, I don’t know when I’ll go from hyperness to anger, so I let it be.

Then I had to ride for almost half an hour in the fog with about ten feet visibility before I calmed down enough to come home during the power cut.

Not only did I manage that, I even arranged everything in the fridge and kitchen using my phone torch.

I’m mighty pleased with my achievement for today. In this foggy day, I sure could see ahead!


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