Day 61 part 4- Lowly endings

After some staff confrontations at the cafe, C and I dressed up and rode around for a while. After about an hour we decided to head to a fun local bar called Mango tree to relax and talk and vent.

Since I’m off alcohol during my medication, i matched her long island ice tea with a fresh mango milk shake. With actual mango. No essence! 

She spoke while I listened with partial attention reserved for the music they were playing- Nirvana! We chatted, vented, discussed life and returned home to a fashion show by a drunk C.

Now I’m back at home and after a brief conversation with A, I’m low. Became low mid conversation for absolutely no reason.

Shall try to watch something and cheer up. Or exercise and write and atleast stick to my routine. Or lie here staring at my phone till 3am without realising.

Which do you think will happen? 🙂

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