Day 62 part 2- Ups and Downs

After waking up in a couple of hours from my extremely uncomfortable sleep, I lay in bed just mulling away time. Not because I wanted to but because I couldn’t get up. A brief conversation with A where he was a sweetheart later I finally dragged myself out of bed, had med and sat in the loo… my favourite place to sit.

It took me all of 4hrs to finally get breakfast ready and have it while watching something.

But once up I was better. I chatted with some friends, danced around, made lunch, counseled C and am ready for an exciting evening of making mushroom soup, beef burgers and baking a chocolate cake along with C’s venting sessions.

It’s almost 4pm now and I’m feeling sleepy and tired. Can’t sleep, can’t exercise. So shall continue watching stuff or try reading.

Whatever it takes, right? Hmmm…


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