Day 63 part 1- Late Kate

After the chat last night with C, I just couldn’t fall asleep. So I watched stuff on my laptop, tried reading, snacked at 3am and finally dozed off close to 5am. But that’s no excuse for the fact that it’s almost noon and I haven’t eaten anything yet.

I’ve been waking up from time to time through the night but I actually got up off the bed 2hrs back. 2hrs and still no food.

According to my health plan I’m supposed to have been done with breakfast and a mid morning snack by now.

It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that I can’t think of what I want to eat, how to make it, how to get off my bed. How to fucking do anything other than sit here poking at my mobile.

 Thank you to the feeling of success and achievement. Fleeting though you were, I enjoyed not hating myself!


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