Day 63 part 3- 5 step process 

I’ve figured out a process to work through my madness.

1. Imagine a better scenario- while sitting in the loo or lying in bed with dysfunctionality, try imagining what it is that you’d rather be doing. Like making tasty brinjal fry or a nice bull’s eye.

2. Visualise the entire process- from walking to the kitchen to preparing the dish, visualise the flow.

3. Embellish details- add things to the flow that make you happy. Like dancing while cooking or wearing awesome hot clothes, etc

4. Allow- Give yourself the freedom to want it desperately or feel happy thinking of it or believe that this is the process to get you to your goal. For eg- cooking and eating now will mean I’ll be healthy. Will give me time to exercise. Will allow me to be slim and wear hot clothes. Whatever it is that makes you happy.

5. Go with the flow- let impulses take over enough to just get up and act on it.

This is a very effective process for me. On most days.

Except days like today when I did all this, turned over and went back to sleep.

It’s now 4pm and I haven’t even had breakfast.

But hey, I caught up on sleep. And I did write  2 posts. So yaaaaay.

The final step is most important.

6. Celebrate- Enjoy every victory, however small. Remind yourself everyday of whatever small achievement you made. And celebrate it. Treat yourself. Have fun!

Know that at all points, you are doing your best. What that is, will be different for different people and will keep changing even for you. But don’t stop trying. 🙂


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