Day 63 part 4- Food mad

So after I repeated my 5 step process for the 100th time, I got up, got dressed and skipped away to the kitchen. Though the excitement was slightly fake initially, it soon became real. Fake it till you make it, to the rescue again!

I washed all the vessels, cleaned the chicken and started cooking.

Growing up I wasn’t exactly fond of tomatoes once cooked. Raw ones i used to and still love. So my mom used to make a semi traditional extremely popular dish called tomato fry. It has loads of onions, pan fried in coconut oil with a garnish of til seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. Add some sliced tomatoes, salt to taste and cook it till it becomes a mouth watering yumm curry that goes well with bread, Kerala parota, chapatis or pretty much anything else.

A quick, simple, easy curry with minimal ingredients. That’s what I made today. Topped it with pav and a hot cup of tea to kick start my day into action.

While this was simmering away, I cleaned and marinated the chicken in 3 ways. One piece chopped fine, mixed with salt, pepper and boiled in milk and garlic for my sandwich filling. One piece marinated with curd and masalas for a generic India curry. One breast piece marinated with salt and pepper for a nice pepper barbeque steak.

Now, hogging away to glory, my day doesn’t seem bad at all 🙂 

High on my priority list- how to push this entire phase to begin earlier in the day ;-)! 

How’s your day going?


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