Day 63 part 5- Chocolate lime juice icecream toffeeyaan…

A lot like that stupid movie song from a Hindi classic, all I want now are chocolates. Salted ones with nuts and nougat and caramel.

It’s depression and my self preservation kicking in to counter depression.

There is the poorer cousin of Snickers available called Munch nuts. It’s less heavy, crunchier due to the wafer bits in it and much cheaper.

That’s all I feel like having off late. And for emergency mood swings I tend to keep a couple of them as backup. But I’m not desperate. This isn’t an emergency. Should I still indulge even though it might be unhealthy and i haven’t exercises? Hmmm…

Lime soda with sugar and salt, crunchy salted or tangy tomato flavoured wafers, chocolate and Burgers. Trap me in an island with there please.


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