Day 64 part 3- Business busyness

After my lunch I headed to the cafe. Was there for over 2 hours and achieved nothing other than bringing back 2 cans of water.

Given the amount of work that needs to be done and the attitude of these guys towards the work, I’m a little lost. I tend to get over involved and anxious.

Post the recent demonetization, most small businesses have taken a hit. Customers are very few. Very very few.

I suggested a few marketing gimmicks but other than for expressing enthusiasm, nothing is done about it. Guess I should stop being anxious. After all I’m not doing their social media marketing like I offered. So… 

Back home now for an hour of rest. Then off to the cafe again. Mostly to while away time till 12am when we shut.

Starting today the cafe will be open till 12 at night. I’m excited. But what does that count for? 😉

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